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Our Brumby Mountain Home

A paradise for brumbies. The heart of the Snowy Brumby Horsemanship Charity.

Located on 800 acres with the Snowy River flowing through and the mountain ranges in our view, we live, train and care for a large number of once wild horses who now are getting ready for a domestic life ahead.


 Divided into a number of separate paddocks the brumbies live in natural herd mobs and have large areas of bushland for shelter and play. We know they are most happy living in their natural mountain habitat. We create mobs that are a diverse mix as they would be in the wild, allowing them to live with the same dynamics and instincts that keep them safe, protected alongside their new two legged mob members.

Alongside the mares and foals paddock, nicknamed the ‘Maternity Ward’, we have the stallion paddock complete with high fencing and training/gelding facilities.  Most of the brumbies who come to us for their next step into a domestic life will be with us for at least a year before graduating together as a mob to their permanent home.  Those that are born at the sanctuary will be here longer. Some may remain here indefinitely and go on to be part of our ride trained brumbies who help train humans.​ 


There are a few ways to help our rescue brumbies as they settle into their new lives.....



Our aim is to give each brumby a purpose for their new domestic life, and set them up for success.  The best outcome for any brumby is that their forever guardian plays a role in their training and adjustment from wild to tame.


Becoming the new forever home for a brumby is a rewarding experience. Genetically they remember their domestic heritage and with our wild horse training methods we work with them to rekindle that purpose. We strive to ensure any brumby that comes through Snowy Brumby Horsemanship is rehomed successfully with ongoing support from the whole team and our support network of professional horse specialists and saddlery makers. 


As a guardian we have some criteria that needs to be met so we can ensure the environment and location means each brumby thrives.  This can be down to the basics like the size of your property, to the quality of your fencing, to helping you with any facilities you may want to install to continue training.  Many of our guardians invest in training yards, saddlery and new fencing to allow safe handling and training.  Just as we work with the brumbies for their best outcome we also work with you to ensure you are confident and ready to take on your new role.

We find it hard to put a price on the brumbies we find new homes for. How do you value a life saved?

 We work on a case by case basis depending on what stage your brumby needs to be at to fit perfectly into your home. One thing is very important to us, that no profit is made from the brumbies we settle into domestic life.

Your first step to becoming a guardian is to come and visit us and the brumbies, form there your journey can begin.  Please contact us to book your visit.


We have a wide breadth of brumbies here at the sanctuary. Many come to us pregnant, or in need of gelding, some are foals themselves barely weaned.  Most will go on to be trained with us and eventually moved onto their forever homes. Some will remain in our care for the duration of their lives.


We provide safe haven, vet care, farrier work, and training to all regardless of if they go on to be a riding brumby or a paddock brumby (they are GREAT at weed management!) The winter months in the mountains are hard and grasses growth slows. In summer the ground can dry up. So, additional feed is always required along with supplementation for our lactating mares and general well being of the horses.

The sanctuary is 800 acres of natural snowy mountains bush. The upkeep of fencing and other infrastructure is a constant expense. Rescuing brumbies is not all about playtime with them in yards.


With your support we can also help to rescue more brumbies.  We will strive to save as many as we can without compromising their quality of life once in human hands.

You can help support our efforts by sponsoring a brumby. All donations are tax deductible and go directly towards helping each brumby.  We offer sponsorship packages, but you can also make one-off donations of any amount. 

Head on over to our Brumbies page to meet the current mob of residents. 

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