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Can I get a tax refund for any donations?

Yes. SBH is DGA-accredited, so any donation, large or small, is fully tax refundable.

How much does it cost to purchase a trained brumby from Snowy Brumby Horsemanship?

We don't put a price on our brumbies and prefer to treat them case by case with their new forever owner. We are not a rehomer who simply takes a brumby and then sells it. Instead we train the brumby for a long and happy life with continuing support and care.

Contact us for your brumby requests, we have our own brumbies who will be coming up for graduation as well as we assist in matching brumbies that are for sale or in need of help further afield.

What is required to purchase a trained brumby from SBH?

We have some strict criteria for our future owner, we want to set you and our beloved brumbies up for success. 

  • Own your own land suitable for a small mob of brumbies. Rental and agisted properties will not be considered.

  • Have suitable and safe fenced areas and paddocks, with access to fresh water, preferably a river or stream (we will always do a property inspection prior to any adoption).

  • Ideally we like to keep the SBH brumbies close to their mountain home and not transport them far.

  • All of our brumbies remain part of the larger SBH family, we will always welcome a brumby back home if something happens to mean you can no longer care for them.

  • You need to agree to our continuing involvement with the brumbies with welfare checks to ensure general care is being provided.

Do you offer training at a property with a brumby?

Yes we do! We love visiting brumby owners and helping them work through any problems. There may be some travel costs if you are not local to the Snowy Mountains area.

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