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Our work with wild brumbies over the last decade has led to an understanding of communication and connection. They teach us as we teach them. Our methods of training centre on nurturing the true personality of each brumby while helping them adjust to domestic life. Brumbies were once domestic horses, they remember, and given the correct support and encouragement they thrive as they relearn to coexist with humans again.


If you have a brumby that is in need of training, then please reach out to us. Many brumbies are shut down after their journey to domestic life. We help them open up and learn to trust again.


Whatever life you want for your brumby, we can help. From handling or groundwork, up to ride training to take your brumby back up into the mountains to ride, we offer packages for you and your brumby.

Adjustment & Domestic Adjustment Training

Location: Snowy Brumby Horsemanship

$110 per week. Recommendation 6 months.

Ideal for brumbies needing time to adjust to their new domestic life. Includes light handling and training. Many brumbies can begin with this package and then move into the other training options once settled.


Handling Training Package

Location: Snowy Brumby Horsemanship
$220 per week. Recommendation 10 weeks.
Once the brumby has settled and got used to people, we can then transition them into daily training sessions. The goal is to have them joined up, haltered and led with ease, groomed and touched all over and having all four hooves picked up for farrier work plus the beginnings of float training.

Further Education or Correction Package

Location: Snowy Brumby Horsemanship
$220 per week. Recommendation 10 weeks.
This package is for brumbies who may be 'green broken', are only partly ride educated or who have developed unsafe reactions when riding. In the first couple of weeks an assessment will be made on their needs and then we create a training plan. Hoof trimming and any hoof correction will be maintained during their stay. Saddlery being used by you will be checked for correct fitting. Daily feed and agistment included. 

Ride Training Package

Location: Snowy Brumby Horsemanship

$330 per week. Recommendation 6-10 weeks.
Brumbies must be over 5 years of age and have already reached Domestic Training. Includes starting the brumby under saddle, daily training in the round yard to begin with and then out in our bushland property. It will be trained to ride along roads, across rivers and with dogs and other domestic distractions. It will be taught with a bitless bridle or halter and will learn turning and direction through the use of body commands and bending. If you plan to ride your brumby out in the bush, then we can also include a remote training session where your brumby is transported to the mountains to be ridden and get used to camping in a natural setting . As the owner, you will be encouraged to come and join your brumby on their journey.

Private Training & Care Package

Location: at your property (within 50 km of Dalgety)

No minimum weeks. Duration 2 hours.
On ground training sessions $150
Ride training $200
Longer visits can be arranged with an added $50 per hour.



Hoof care is one of the most important aspects of owning any horse, and a brumby is no different. In the wild, a brumby is capable of maintaining its own feet but once in a paddock setting we need to treat them as we would any domestic horse.  


We are able to come out to your brumby and help with any hoof care needs. One of our big passions is to empower and help you gain confidence and knowledge in maintaining your own brumby.

Please Note: If a brumby is unable to give all four hooves easily, we recommend doing on ground training sessions with us.

Brumby Hoof Care Visit:

Initial Appointment: $100. Includes assessment and trim.

Ongoing Care: $80 per brumby trim. Minimum of 6 trims per year.

Worming can be included in this visit with a cost of $30 with us supplying treatment.

+ travel depending on location

Hoof Care Training Session:

3hr session for you and your brumby: $220

Training you to learn how to maintain your brumbies feet is the best way to help them in the long term.

+ travel depending on location.


We specialise in transporting brumbies and helping them relocate to their forever homes. Our belief is that this should be as stress free as possible for both your brumby AND for you! So we also offer training to help your brumby transport with ease.

Transport: From $150 (based on a pick up and drop off radius of Dalgety NSW. Additional kms charged at $2 per km)


Load Training: $150 for the first hour and $50 per additional hour.

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