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Brumby Events Coming Soon

Crookwell Wild Horse Training June Long Weekend 2023

Learn connection and partnership with a Brumby through understanding the wild horse language. Be it what ever partnership you wish to build, from a riding working horse, to just a mob companion, the Snowy Brumby Horsemanship Team (four legs and two) are here to help. 

Come and join us at the Crookwell Showground this June Long Weekend for a couple of days of camping with lots of brumby fun and learning.

  • $50 a day (Kids under 12 and Old kids over 80 are free)

  • Camping site per night $30 powered or $20 unpowered. 

  • Bring your brumby for learning on ground or on back $250. This also includes for you a half hour private training session during the weekend.

  • Plus merchandise to purchase on the weekend   

If you wish to bring your brumby please give us a call on 0483 283 078 and we can go through the details.

If you would like to send us a message through our contact us we would love to know you are coming and add any questions or topics you would like us to address on the weekend. 



Friday 7th June.  Crookwell Showground. 

10am to 2pm Private training sessions with brumbies and their owners.

3pm Registration and meet and greet the S.B.H. team.


Saturday 8th June Crookwell Showground

8am to 9am Registration / SBH riding demo and welcome. Trainer Charlie and Claire

9am to 10am Topic: Brumby needs in a domestic (Hoof care , Herd Needs, Natural Paddock, teeth management and feed. ) Trainers Claire & Maddy)

10am to 11am Topic : What is a wild horse and  it's language. Trainer Claire

11am to 11: 30am  Morning Tea.

11:30 to 1pm Topic: Starting a wild horse rope and halter work. Trainer Charlie

1pm to 1:45 pm lunch.

1:45 pm to 2:30 pm Topic: Brumby Saddlery Workshop John Shortt

2:30 pm to 4 pm Topic: Brumby Ride training Bareback & Bitless. Trainer Claire, Charlie and Maddy

5:30pm to 7pm: Roundtable Q&A  at the Crookwell Golf Club


Sunday 9th June Crookwell Showground and Binda Property

8am to 9am Registration / SBH riding demo. Trainer Charlie

9am to 10 am Topic: Ride training and preparation for the mountains. Trainer Charlie

10 am to 11am Topic: Mountain Riding Saddlery and Gear. John Shortt and Trainer Claire

11am to 11:30 am Morning tea.

11:30am to 1pm Topic: Retraining Brumbies with human made problems.  Trainers Claire & Maddy. 

1pm to 2pm lunch 

3pm to 4 pm Topic: Brumby Ride training Bareback & Bitless session 2. Trainers Claire and Charlie

4pm to 5pm Topic: The brumby working horse. Trainer Charlie

5pm to 5:30pm: Crookwell Wrap Up and info on Binda day. 


Monday 10th June Binda Private Property Brumby Demonstration 

8am to 9am Travel to Binda (location to be announced on the weekend)

9am to 10am Topic: Introduction to the unhandled brumby mob Trainer Claire

10am to 11am Topic: Wild horse language and join up

11am to 11:30 am Morning Tea Break

11:30m to 1pm Topic: Managing a wild horse mob in a domestic setting

1pm to 2pm Lunch Break

2pm to 3:30pm Topic: Beginning work with rope and halter

3:30 pm to 4pm Topic: Wrap up and thank you

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