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Guiding A Way From Wild To Trained.


Snowy Brumby Horsemanship began as a journey with two very special brumbies, Sunny and Sammy.

 Based on the Snowy River in our beloved Snowy Mountains, we train every day with once wild horses and guide them through into a domestic life to be sometimes a riding partner and always a beloved companion.

Through time spent with these wild horses we have learnt to understand their unique wild horse language. It is this language that brings the brumby to understand it's human world and give full trust to the partner it is making. The human and brumby become one mob. 


Snowy Brumby Horsemanship trains purely brumbies. This includes brumbies straight from the wild, brumbies who have found themselves in need of a second chance and brumbies lovingly owned but needing our training skills for further development.  We also teach humans how to work with brumbies on our weekend workshops,  or private lessons. 

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 SBH is also provides the services for a registered not for profit charity that funding help for brumbies coming here from trapping, or who are in need of a new start and owner.  The care, training and onward journey of these brumbies is the heart of what we do. All donations are 100% tax deductible..

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